Hey kiss me, I kiss you Kiss me, I kiss you I know about you I've been told about you I've been waiting for you And »

Back to Rails

Since I started Gloced back in 2012, I haven't touch Ruby on Rails. I have been mostly doing Magento Services and some Laravel stuff. I started »

Manage your server - like a boss

Managing server can be pain. Real pain. Sometimes (most of the times) all you need is a running LAMP. When you have a big server, with »

Born on wrong place.

I always say, I have born on right time, but wrong place. That's a good news in fact, because if it was the opposite, I couldn't »

Awesome making of Game of Thrones


You complete me!

It just arrived, and I am happy :) Its fitting just like my tailor would measure it. OH and this too!!! Thank you Impresspages team for making »